The ‘Spin-Friendly’ Tournament Racket – designed for Professionals

This 320-gram constant beam construction (featuring ‘X-Feel Technology’) frame delivers the optimum performance to players focused on consistent power & ultimate control. Plus, extra ‘spin-potential’ is assured. Consistent feel and dampening are provided by BasaltX Fibers. ZERO Tolerance‘ insures exact performance. Improved ball striking for off-center hits is due to the Patented SPEED++ZONE™ System. This is the racket seeking those players who are skilled Maestros of the Game. Combined all together, a serious racket with X-FEEL!


Weight unstrung:
320 g
Balance unstrung:
315 mm
685 mm
String Pattern:
Grip size:
Swing Style Index:


BasaltX® is a European HIGH-TECH development exclusive to PACIFIC for use in the racket sports industry. Applied in strategic areas it provides enhanced feel, stability, comfort and power. BasaltX® is a natural material, environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.

Consistent BasaltX® fibers are the end result of a unique production process developed by ASA.TEC.  The main problem with regular basalt fibers is their inconsistency in quality. ASA.TEC developed a special processing procedure that makes their basalt fibersof the highest quality meeting or exceeding those required demands for usage in the aircraft, aerospace and automotive industries.

30% more basalt fibers within the same material28% stronger
20% lighter in overall fiber weight20% more vibration dmapening


Exclusively developed and patented “Speed-Zone-System”. Provides maximum ball speed with the highest level of ball control. Off-center hits are virtually a thing of the past.

Assured highest quality and precision thanks to exclusive modern production processes, one example being: “Vacuum Technology”® for zero tolerance in production. This guarantees 100% the same and consistently produced rackets, delivering to you and your game perfect precision in racket specifications & racket quality. 

PACIFIC Catalogue 2017 - English
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Date: 17/10/2016