Allrounder without boundries

Like the X FORCE and X FEEL Series, the new X FAST series is designed on a very specific construction & beam design. The focus in developing this new series was to maximize the stiffness in the throat area, yet retain the unique PACIFIC feel & performance demanded by the most aggressive player. ‘FAST’ can be easily defined as: F.ull A.cceleration S.haft T.echnology! With a strategically constructed ‘rounder’ shaft/ throat region, the racket upon instant impact with the ball remains more rigid and stable allowing maximum energy return to the ball.


Weight unstrung:
300 g
Balance unstrung:
320 mm
695 mm
String Pattern:
Grip size:
Swing Style Index:


BasaltX® is a European, environmentally friendly HIGH-TECH development exclusive to PACIFIC for use in the racket sports industry. Applied in strategic areas it provides enhanced feel, stability, comfort and power.

Consistent BasaltX® fibers are the end result of a unique production process developed by ASA.TEC. The main problem with regular basalt fibers is their inconsistency in quality. ASA.TEC developed a special processing procedure that makes their basalt fibersof the highest quality meeting or exceeding those required demands for usage in the aircraft, aerospace and automotive industries.


Exclusively developed and patented “Speed-Zone-System”. Provides maximum ball speed with the highest level of ball control. Off-center hits are virtually a thing of the past.


Full Acceleration Shaft Technology.

As the frame geometry transitions upwards from the shaft/throat, a reduction in the 'rounder' cross-section adds the 'cupping' of the ball on the string-bed required to hit with maximum and 'heavy' spin.


PACIFIC Stability System providing more stability to the racket head upon impact. With precise positioned weights in the hitting zone, torsional stiffness is greatly improved. The result: maximum ball control with an enlarged sweet spot.

The historic guarantee delivering the highest quality available plus the continued assurance of cutting-edge technologies for the future, is now PACIFIC. Bringing to you a totally new performance package under one brand: PACIFIC.

PACIFIC Catalogue 2013 - English
PACIFIC Catalogue 2013 - English
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Date: 18/06/2013